Resgrid has a limited amount of supported Bluetooth Headset devices that allow users to talk and listen to Push-To-Talk channels when their phone screen is off. You can use the Resgrid Push-To-Talk voice functionality without a headset, but the phone/device needs to be unlocked and the app needs to be active and in the foreground to transmit. You are able to listen if you have joined a channel and the app is backgrounded or the device locked.

Supported Bluetooth Headsets

Please refer to your Bluetooth headset instructions for pairing it with the device. Once the device is properly paired you need to select it from the available output devices inside the Resgrid app (when you are selecting a channel) for the app to start using it.

If you wish for Resgrid to look at supporting a brand of Bluetooth headset you can open up a ticket in our help desk and we can work on adding it to the list. Please note, we need to physically source and test headsets with our application, thus it can take a long time to get support added.