You can schedule your department to be deleted by logging into the Resgrid Web Application and navigating to the Department Settings page. In the bottom right hand side there is a button to "Request Department Deletion". Only the Department Owner account can schedule the department deletion.

This will take you to a page that will detail the current deletion process and whats entailed. You will need to agree to the process and click the "Delete" button to schedule the department deletion. When you click the Delete button any active subscriptions will also be canceled at that time.

Once your department is scheduled for deletion all Department Administrators in the account will be notified and there will be 1 reminder 10 days before deletion. At any point before deletion is processed it can be cancelled and it will be done during our 'after hours' processing period around 1AM Pacific Time.

During the department deletion period it's recommend you download and print out any information from the system that you need to retain. But during this period do not change the access rights of the Department Owner (Managing Member, Main Department Administrator) as that could result in the process failing.

This process cannot be reversed once completed. There is not ability to restore and individual departments data from a system backup. Backups are only used for disaster recovery operations.

Resgrid maintains backups for disaster and system recovery operations. It is not technically possible to remove departments from our system and database backups. Backups are cycled through every 30 days. 30 days after your department deletion request is processed there will be no more of your department data stored on Resgrid systems as the oldest backup sets get removed.