You can delete your own personal account from the Resgrid system by navigating to your profile page after logging into the Resgrid Web Application. 

On the Edit Profile page in the bottom right hand corner of the page click the "Delete Your Account" button.

On this page please review the restrictions on what is deleted when delete your account. Check the confirm box and then click the "Delete" button. This process is immediate and you will be logged out of the Resgrid system.

Please note: Deleting your account will delete and scrub your personally identifiable information and ability to log into the Resgrid system. But all other data entered into the system for example Messages, Chats, Reports, Logs, Statuses, Staffing Changes, Shifts, Calendar Entries, notes, etc and all associated metadata are all still retained and are the property of the entity that manages the Department in Resgrid. If you wish that data to be removed you have to submit your request to that entity. Resgrid cannot delete that data on behalf of a user request as it's legally protected.

Department Owners (accounts who are set as the Owner of a Department in the Department Settings page) cannot delete their own account via this process. If you wish to delete a department please view that help guide. If you want to delete your Department Owner account you need to select another owner for the department before you can delete your own account.