Protocols allow you to have dynamic data collected (via a form) or information shown to dispatchers creating calls and personnel viewing, working on and responding to calls. These can be used to highlight important and relevant information, for example COVID exposure protocols for someone encountering a breath problem.

To create a new Protocol as a Department Administrator navigate to the "Protocols" item under your department menu.

On this page you can see all active protocols in the system. To create a Protocol click the "New Protocol" button.

Protocol Name
Friendly name of the protocol that is visible in the lists and the Protocols page
Protocol Code
A short code that is used in text messages and push notifications that allows respondents to quickly identify that protocol is in effect
Longer description of the Protocol
Protocol Text
The text of the protocol. If the protocol attachment is a document, here you would put the text of that document so that it can view viewed without having to download the attachment.
Activation Question Weight
Total score of the questions that need a positive answer to activate the protocol. For example, if you have 3 questions and need a weight/score of 10 and each question gives 5 that means 2 of the 3 answers that give 5 need to be selected.
Attachment for the Protocol, like a PDF, Word Document, Image, etc.
These are the Call Priority, Call Type or both that need to be met for the Protocol to be added to the call, or for the Dispatcher to answer the questions in the protocol to determine if it needs to be activated. Triggers are inclusive, so you can trigger one protocol on multiple conditions.
Questions that can be asked and need to have an answer selected to see if the protocol needs to be activated. Each answer for a question can have a weight, which are added up and evaluated against the "Activation Question Weight" to determine if the Protocol is active or not.

Once you have supplied this information click the blue "Add Protocol" button on the bottom to add the Protocol to the system. Protocols will only display on the "New Call" page when any of the conditions have been met for the "Triggers list". For example 

If the Protocol (like the one above) requests questions to be answered the Dispatcher needs to click the orange "Answer Questions" button for each protocol to evaluate them. A popup will show with all the questions and answers as dropdown's and once selected press the blue "Process" button. If the Protocol becomes active it'll change to a green button.

If your protocol does not require questions to be answered it'll appear in the list on the "New Call" page when any of the Trigger criteria have been met.

If no protocols are active the section in the "New Call" page is blank.

Protocols that are active for a call (there can be multiple) will be visible under the "View Call" page and the Protocols tab. There users can view the Protocol Text and attachment.

You can View and Delete a Protocol by navigating to the Protocols page via the Department Menu. When you delete a protocol it will no longer trigger for new calls, but will still be visible for older calls that it is active on. Currently at this time there is no way to edit a Protocol, you need to delete it and recreate it.