There are two types of Department Groups: Station and Organizational. 

Station groups have a physical address they relate to specific locations a user is located at or responds out of. They should represent a physical response location, or the location of where personnel/apparatus will stage or are housed. Station Groups can also be responded to as a detail. Users of the Resgrid Responder app or the Resgrid Unit app that are responding to a station which will generate ETA's.

Organizational groups do not have a physical address, and users cannot select an organizational group to respond to. But Organizational groups can be sub-groups of existing groups. For example you have a top level group (Station or Organizational) with multiple Organization sub-groups under it. This can allow you to segment users under other groups.

Adding A Group

When you are logged into the web application as a Department Admin you need to go to the "Stations & Groups" page.

On the Groups page you can click the "Add New Group" button on the right to add a group.

On this page you have 2 options Organizational Group and Station Group. Station Groups require an address or GPS  coordinates (i.e. some physical location) while Organization groups do not.

If you select a Station Group you need to fill in one of the address options, either a street address, GPS Coordinates (in decimal notation) or a what3words address.

On this screen can can also select the members of the group. Please note that people can only be in one group at a time and will note be visible in the drop down if they are already part of another group.