In Resgrid the staffing level is the current state/staffing of a user. The default staffing levels are Available, Unavailable, Delayed, Committed and On Shift. Staffing levels are used to denote the users current working state or their current ability to respond to calls, dispatches, messages or work assignments. So "Available" would denote a normal response time, but if the person is at work that allows them to respond to calls they may be "Delayed" but their time to reach the station/scene would be slower then normal.


User is available and can respond as normal.


User is unavailable and cannot respond.


User is delayed, they can respond but it will be slower then normal


User is committed and cannot respond

On Shift

User is currently On Shift

Departments can create their own Status and Staffing Levels to match their needs and terminology in the Department Menu->Custom Statuses page.