Calls can be auto created by sending call information to an email address. You can see your ALL-CALL import email address by navigating to Department Menu->Call Import Settings. It will end in To dispatch groups individually via email imports navigate to Department Menu->Station & Groups view, it will end in

If you have control of the emails we recommend the Resgrid Email format type. You can have Resgrid automatically close (Prune) email imported calls after a certain time frame (Minutes to keep calls open). Resgrid will check for new call emails every 5 minutes and you can see the status in the “Worker Status” area just above the Call Email Settings section. If there is an error message please read it as you email account information might be incorrect.

From the Department Menu->Call Settings

Prune: If checked will auto close email imported calls after x minutes;
Minutes to keep calls open: If Prune is turned on, imported calls will be closed after this amount of minutes.
Email Type: The format of call emails supported by Resgrid. The Generic type will import every email and turn them into calls, but won't map any data to Call fields. The Resgrid type is the most compatible with mapping emails to call fields. If your call/dispatch email format is not supported email with some examples and some information and we will get it added for you.