Below are the text commands that Resgrid currently accepts. If you need more added please contact us and we will work on getting them into the system. The phone number you can text the commands to is 1-775-309-0260.

Text CommandShort CommandAreaResult
responding1StatusSets user status to Responding
notresponding2StatusSets user status to Not Responding
onscene3StatusSets user status to On Scene
available4StatusSets user status to Available
normals1StaffingSets user staffing to Normal\Available
delayeds2StaffingSets user staffing to Delayed Response
unavailables3StaffingSets user staffing to Unavailable
committeds4StaffingSets user staffing to Committed
onshifts5StaffingSets user staffing to On Shift
helpGeneralText back commands to user

You will receive text message reply’s and confirmations from Resgrid from a different number, so they won’t be threaded in your text/sms client. In the future we will work on having those all route thorough the same number.